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Shade and Membrane Sails

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Quality shade sails and structures and membrane sails, made by a qualified sail maker.

Sams Sails

We design and install a wide variety of shade structures to meet your specific requirements both for domestic and commercial purposes.

• New Sails/Membranes
• Shade Sail Repairs and Maintenance
• Shade Structures


Shade sails are made from Rainbow Shade Z16 shade cloth sourced from Rainbow Shade and our membrane sails are made from ferrari preconstraint sourced from the nolan group, We use stainless steel grade fittings like dee shackles, bow shackles and chains, Rigging screws and various tensioners in each corner for tensioning purposes. We use 1 or 2 inch seat belt or shade webbing for perimeters of sail edging, or stainless wire of various sizes also for our shades or membranes which will strengthen the edge of the sail, also reinforced and double layered corners allowing for all different varieties of wind, we also use a really heavy clear tenara stitching thread for the uv and has a uv warranty of up to 15 years, rainbow shade cloth has a 10 yr uv warranty also and also comes in a variety of colours and a 7 yr uv warranty on the ferrari precon also comes in a wide variety of colours, adding all these elements to our shade sails will allow our shade sails to with stand some high winds that might occur in some areas more than others, we advise our customers on selected posts and fixings where a qualified builder/engineer maybe needed, customers also have a choice of how there sail will look as our shades are custom made here in Invermay to fit there selected frame work/posts, so the customers know what they are getting for their money, we can also do tie on sails with spectre cord under those hot rooves during the summer periods to cool of your outdoor entertaining area and make it bearable to sit under. 

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